Why I Decided to Become a Notary Public and Signing Agent, Too

At the notary

“A Notary Public?” I said that when my boyfriend suggested last year that I could become one to supplement my income. He said, “Yes, you can do it on your own hours and make an extra income; it’s not hard.” I was listening. He gave me a brief summary on what it was needed and the requirements, and that’s all it took for me to be interested. I started searching articles and current notaries to find out what’s entailed, and really liked what I found out! It’s something I can do on on my schedule. Aside from the fact that I long to be self-employed and have more control over my time and to work with things I’m passionate about, I truly enjoy helping and serving people!

Even though I’m currently employed full-time, we don’t know what tomorrow may bring in the economy we are currently  experiencing. We can no longer acquire one or two skills, or even a degree, and think we are set for the rest of our lives. Our time is more dynamic and changing as fast as we think. We need to be learning new things constantly and adapting faster than ever to new ways of doing things especially when it comes to communication and technology; we need to be literate and skilled in multiple things and see what we can use for our own benefit so that we can help ourselves and others in the process. It’s better to know how to do something and not need than to need to know how and not know. Opportunities don’t keep on knocking on our doors so it’s better to be ready to open the door when they do!

So along with working, I also attend school full-time as I pursue a degree in International Relations, and in the future, a degree in the medical field that is yet to be determined; the latter will enable me to serve people better when I go in humanitarian missions. I’m also a freelance translator in the languages: Brazilian Portuguese & American English. Learning languages and translating are some of my passions. Therefore, adding a notary and signing agent title and skills on my résumé and  learning how to do those things will not only enable me to earn an income aside from my current job but also be prepared for many opportunities ahead which may even be the possibility to open my business.

I already took the Notary Education Program, registered with Florida Notary Service, and there are only two more step to go before I become one, and I’m on top of them! As soon as I am officially one, I’ll be posting the great news! In the mean time, I’ll be posting information on what notaries and signing agents are and do, tips, FAQ,  translation, etc.

All I know is that aside from dying, there are no guarantees in life, but one thing I’m sure of is that I won’t regret being prepared!

by Alessandra Gomes

On My Way FL Notary S.A.


p.s.: Knowing what I know now about becoming a Signing Agent, I would have waited until I’d be more comfortable with different types of things to notarize to then become a S.A.! 😉