Posted in April 2012

Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness

Can notaries in FL notarize a signature on a document if the signer is NOT present but the person who brought the document swears the person signed it? NO! Notaries in FL may NOT notarize the signature of a person on a document by subscribing witness. Here is what the FL Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries states: “Some states, … Continue reading

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Can Notaries Prepare Legal Documents?

Can notaries prepare wills, power of attorney, or any other legal documents? If you are from another country, you may think that notaries can do that, but before you head to the nearest notary office or call one, read What Can a Notary Public Do or Cannot Do to find out more about what a notary … Continue reading

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Prohibited Acts for Notaries

Can Notaries notarize anything or in any way?  The short answer is “No.” Notaries, in FL, are public officials with limited powers, unless they are also attorneys. From Chapter 117, Florida Statutes specify prohibited acts for Notaries, what notaries  cannot do. Examples are below: The signer(s) of a document to be notarized, the signatures that are … Continue reading

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